Baptisms and Thanksgivings

Thanksgivings for infants

When people have children, they often want to hold a thanksgiving for them. In a thanksgiving service we praise God for his gift of the baby and thank him for the skill of the medical staff and the love of friends and family. We then commit the baby's future to God and ask him to bless them. 
St Philemon’s would be delighted to host a thanksgiving service for you. There is no charge, no requirement to attend church normally, and no preparation required. We can also host a party at the church afterwards for you, if you would like that.
Please contact Brian Elfick or Sarah Cooper and they can arrange a date with you.
Baptisms for adults and young people
At St Philemon's we also love to baptise people. For those who are old enough to think and speak for themselves, baptism is a sign that they have become a Christian. In the baptism service they make very serious promises to God, and it is important that they understand these promises and make them from the heart. 
For that reason we ask any adult or young person who wants to explore baptism to attend a 6 week course first, before we make any further arrangements. These courses usually happen in a group setting but we can arrange one to suit you. For more information, please contact Brian Elfick or Sarah Cooper.
Baptisms for infants 
In the case of those too young to make a decision for themselves, baptism is sign of what their parents hope for them: that they will grow up as Christian believers and never remember a time when they weren’t.
As for adults, the baptism service involves the making of very serious promises, which in this case are made on behalf of the child by its parents and godparents (normally 3 of them). It is very important that the parents understand what they are promising.
For anyone who would like to have their child baptised, the first step is to have a thanksgiving service (see above).