Our values

We believe just what Christians always have believed. You can find it all laid out in the Apostles’ Creed , the Church of England’s 39 Articles , or this helpful video . But in summary...

  • We value God

    The true and living God is amazing: he’s beautiful, majestic, faithful, kind and generous; in fact he’s better than we could possibly imagine and the very meaning of life is to get to know him through Jesus. Everyone lives for something, and we want to live for him. 

  • We value Toxteth

    We think it’s a great place to live: we are committed to it and want to invest in its future. More than that, because we believe that each individual in Toxteth has been made by God, we think everyone has lots to offer. We want to be a church where absolutely anyone will find a warm welcome and be treated with respect

  • We value the Bible

    That’s because, as it is taught faithfully, we are hearing God speak to us – and there is no sweeter word! The Bible is much less about what we have to do for God than it is about what he has done for us through the cross of Christ. So we want to help each other to work through our questions, understand what he’s saying, trust it, and let that faith work itself out in our lives.

  • We value growth

    Both as individuals and as a church, we don’t think we’re perfect. In fact it’s just the opposite! We want God’s Spirit to change us to make us more like Jesus – even if that challenges our pride or the little idols we worship. And we want others to come to know Jesus for themselves too. To do these things, we need your help!