Sunday Services

What to expect

If you haven’t been before, then what goes on inside a church building on a Sunday might be a bit of a mystery. At St Philemon’s we like to keep things reasonably simple and informal. 

You can wear what you like. No-one will make you say or do anything that might embarrass you. You are welcome to bring kids of any age. And you don’t need to believe anything already.

The services normally run for about an hour, and every Sunday there are some things we always do: 

  • The Bible is read out loud and then preached. This is how we listen to God. The sermon runs for about 25 minutes, and is intended to help us to understand the reading and show us how it makes a difference to our lives.
  • We talk to God in prayer. Normally this is led by one or two people who stand at the front and pray aloud. 
  • We sing together. This enables us to remind one another about who God is and what he has done. Whether you are an opera singer or tone deaf you’re most welcome to join us - for the children's songs there are optional actions.
  • We regularly share the Lord’s Supper together, to remember the great news that Jesus died so that we could be forgiven and made part of God’s family. Someone will explain how to take part.
  • We also share news in our church family life, celebrate birthdays, interview people and hear about events and opportunities that are coming up. 
  • We always end our time together with refreshments, or sometimes a meal. It gives us a chance to introduce newcomers to people they might enjoy getting to know, and also to catch up, encourage, and perhaps pray for one another. 

If you have been to St Philemon’s and can think of any way that we could make it more welcoming, we would love to hear from you.


People who find English difficult are welcome. We have Bibles in a number of different languages and one of our church family has basic sign language and can sign the service.


This term we're learning from Romans 1-7.



11am service


At our morning service we have a complete range of ages.

About once a month we stay together throughout; the rest of the time we run 'Sunday Club': special groups for our children and young people, who leave us part way through the service and join us again at the end. Like the adults, we're looking at Colossians.

All our children’s groups are trained and we take child protection very seriously. Here are the groups we run:

  • Crèche (for pre-school children) with Alice Elfick: Please feel free to drop your toddler off and re-join the service; if there's any problem, one of our volunteers will come find you.
  • Infants (for children in Reception - Year 2) with Benji
  • Juniors (for children in school Years 3 - 6) with Ella, Jon and Esther
  • Youth (for School Years 7-10) with Tom & Nichola

For more information about the children's and youth work at St Philemon's, please see Friday Young People's Groups and/or contact us!

5pm service


Our evening service starts at 5pm. Our formal time together lasts about an hour, and we use it to try and understand God's word together and see how it's relevant to our day-to-day lives.


There is a Sunday club group for Reception - Year 6 during the service.


After our formal time together we stay around for tea and coffee and a chat, before sharing a meal together and enjoying one another's company. Absolutely anyone who has come to the service is welcome to come along to the meal as well.