At St Philemon’s, we love hosting weddings and we will try to make it the most beautiful, happy and stress-free wedding possible.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Weddings cost £415, which covers the costs of marriage preparation, the wedding rehearsal, the musician and verger, and all legal paperwork, including  your wedding certificate. Please note that for couples living in the parish, bursaries are available.

Q: How do I book my wedding?

A: Talk to Brian Elfick in church on a Sunday, or use this link to make contact.

Q: Do you do Sunday and weekday weddings?

A: Yes. Sunday afternoons or even a weekday are possible. 

Q: Do you marry divorced persons?

A: We seek to be as compassionate and helpful as possible. In simple terms if there is no “going back” we aim to help you “go forward”. Your preparation for remarriage will need to be tailored to address the known factors divorcees face. 

Q: Do we have to be “baptised” or Anglican?

A: No.

Q: How many does the church seat?

A: St Philemon’s is a flexible space that can provide a nice setting for as few as 10 guests or as many as 250.

Q: What preparation is required?

A: We want you to have a great married life together, so we offer a couple of meetings with married couples for before and after you are married, where you can chat, ask questions and see for yourself from the Bible what God says about marriage.

Q: Do you have facilities for a reception or refreshments?

A: Yes! The church building is a great venue for holding a party afterwards – and we won’t charge you any money for it! This is a great way to make your wedding more affordable.